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Active ingredients in Ganocafe coffee: Germanium

Saturday, March 24, 2012 Tags: , ,

Germanium is a key substance in ganoderma lucidum (Ingredient in ganocafe coffee)

In addition, Ganoderma lucidum (Ingredient in the Ganocafe coffee) is important compounds such as Germanium.
Germanium is well known that it is the substance of ginseng, which helps to nourish the body and treating cancer.

Germanium in ginseng, about 250-320 ppm and germanium are available in indigenous herb such as garlic, is 750 ppm which more than ginseng. The flowers of reishi mushroom are germanium up to 800 - 2,000 ppm. The root has up to four times of the amount germanium (active ingredients in the Gano cafe) in the flowers. That is plenty to 6,000 ppm.

Germanium in ganocafe coffee will help strengthen the body's functions

Germanium compounds in Ganocafe coffee are useful to the body such as

-Increase the oxygen in the blood makes red blood cells absorb more oxygen

-Stimulates the body's immune

-Nourish the brain, nervous system maintenance

-Treatment of cancer

-The better blood circulation

-Eliminate toxins